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 Posted: Apr 19 2017, 02:34 PM
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the rules.
please register with a first and last name only, in uppercase. if you make a mistake registering, simply pm an admin and we'll fix it for you. also don't judge lottie for making a typo in the site url haha. also, any MDPD member must register with their position abbreviation, so a detective would be dt., an officer would be off. etc. any questions, ask an admin!
we are a signature friendly site and you can request these (like the one's in lottie's and sammy's character sigs) in the graphics forum. they must be 500x200. you can even use templates from sites such as shine and a thousand fireflies. the icon size is 250x400.
site rating
due to the plot of the site, it is certain that there will be mature themes on the site. so with that in mind, we will be rating this site as MATURE. that doesn't mean that there are no rules for posting anything explicit and let's not be too graphic when it comes down to it. also, triggers are super important to tag as well as we wouldn't want anyone to feel unecessarily uncomfortable or upet. so mature topics need to be marked with an (m) and anything triggering or potentially triggering needs to be marked with a t and then whatever the subject is. we want everyone to have a great experience here and this is why we ask you follow this.
member services
member services is exactly that, services for members. you can request topics to be archived etc. if you have an issue in regards to another member however, a head admin must be pm-ed so either lottie or sammy and we will deal with it between us. this site is drama free so problems must be sent via pm and do not bring it to the cbox or forum in any way.
word count
we are a no word count site. whether you prefer rapid fire or a thousand words, it's up to you and your rp partner to decide. we only ask that you write responsibly.
Now, everyone's favorite thing. applications. We have a freeform application that's pretty simple as far as applications go. We do expect some form of history provided in the application, as well as a good sense of the characters personality. That being said, we expect u to have fun with it. So get creative with it.

Now SITE CANONs applications will be judged a bit more than those original character. Most of our Canons are fairly open, but please make sure what we have in the Bio of the Canon list fits your character. we as admins have the power to refuse a canon based on an application.

also, please do not pester admins about apps being finished etc. we will get to them as and when we can as we will have our own stuff to do as well. please be patient.

character restrictions
all characters must be 18 years and older. there are no rules on how many characters you may have, nor of what gender, but please be mindful of the ratios when you are creating characters. and only make as many as you can handle! it's also two canons max per member.

--- your previous characters must be completely set up (this means app is accepted and sorted, all claims are up, and shipper is up as well) before making another character. just to keep things going smoothly. please be mindful of this rule!

play bys
please be realistic with your character's playby choice. a good rule of thumb is never going over 3-4 years +/- the playby's actual age.
we all have lives, we understand. if for any reason you need to leave us for a time, or even permanently, please post an absence thread. this will keep your creations safe from any site clean outs. thank you!
the end
last but not lease, have fun!!! <3

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